Protect Your Most Vulnerable Assets

Protect Your Most Vulnerable Assets

Use the proper safety gloves for every project

If you're a contractor, electrician or farmer, you're constantly working with your hands. You're regularly exposed to dangerous equipment, but any hand injury can bring work to a grinding halt.

Don't put your safety and livelihood on the line-we have the proper safety gloves you need for your work. Advance Glove & Safety has a large range of safety gloves for every industry, including agriculture, medical, industrial and automotive gloves.

To pick up your safety gloves, visit our Burton, MI location today.

We know how to protect your hands

Whether you're working on a farm or an electrical line, we have safety gloves to suit your work. Our selection includes:

Rubber gloves-stay safe during electrical work
Cut-resistant gloves-make working with sharp tools safer
Cold weather gloves-don't let the outdoors stop your progress

We also provide disposable gloves for medical work. You can count on us to provide the gloves you need to stay safe and warm. Reach out today to learn more about our safety glove options.